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Re//DEFINED Granted State Approval for The SOAR Health Network


Re//DEFINED has announced it has been granted approval from the Louisiana Department of Health to launch its healthcare network, The SOAR Health Network. The SOAR Health Network will provide accessible, high-quality, and culturally responsive behavioral health services and support to youth ages 3-17. 

"It has been a long process. The SOAR Health Network has been a work in progress since the end of 2019. Then COVID-19 placed additional restraints and delays that extended this process," stated Re//DEFINED's CEO, Curtis Lewis. "However, we remained committed to the vision of creating an equitable and culturally responsive healthcare network that will provide top-tier services and support to our youth. I thank the Lord for trusting us with such a vision and providing every step of the way. Now, we are on a mission to rebuild our next generation of youth."

Re//DEFINED will begin advertising and accepting applications from potential service providers to join The SOAR Health Network. The network will seek a wide range of medical, behavioral, and academic professionals to fulfill its contractual service obligations.

"Our services will center around our 5 Key Areas of Empowerment: Academics; Physical Health; Behavioral and Emotional Stability; Family; and Community Integration,"  replied Lewis. "While other behavioral health agencies and medical facilities focus on the quantity of clients, The SOAR Health Network's unique network business model will emphasize quality only. Providers will be evaluated and rewarded based on the quality of service. The idea is to improve the quality of care, specifically for disadvantaged individuals. We are strongly encouraging professionals across Region 6 to submit an application to join our network; further details will be released in March."

Enrollment details will also be released in March. "To ensure the widest range of accessibility, we have adopted a broad admissions' policy", said Vevay Butler, Director of Clinical Services. "We expressed to the state that we wanted to utilize a preventive approach. Data suggest, many youth do not receive services until AFTER they are processed through the courts. This was a concern. We have implemented an aggressive preventive approach to accessing youth and providing them services. Just about every youth in our region qualify for services and do not have to go through the judicial system to receive them. That is ineffective."

RE//DEFINED posted its initial economic outlook for The SOAR Health Network. "SOAR Health will be seeking to fill about 15 positions its first year," noted Jaleesha Rundell, Director of Field Services. "Many positions will require credentials and experience in the medical or behavioral health field. However, we will also seek top talent to fill operational and professional roles such as accounting, tech support and community engagement." The SOAR Health Network is projecting an average full-time salary of $49,000.

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