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Chairman Appointed to Alexandria’s Economic Development Authority

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   We are excited to announce that Re//DEFINED is expanding our team!  Please check out our current vacancies! The SOAR Health Network      Clinical Supervisor     The clinical supervisor is responsible for creating, developing, and implementing a result-driven social emotional learning program. The Clinical Supervisor will supervise the clinical services for contracted schools and agencies who contract The SOAR Health Network for social-emotional learning instruction. Assessment Coordinator   As a part of the clinical operations, the assessment coordinator is responsible for conducting initial, quarterly, and re-assessments of clients admitted to The SOAR Health Network. Integrated Care Manager (Community Counselor) As a part of the field operations, the Community Counselor is responsible for managing behavioral health services and supports for students admitted to The SOAR Health Network. Nursing Staff As a part of the field operations, the nursing staff is responsible for conductin

Re//DEFINED Granted State Approval for The SOAR Health Network

  Re//DEFINED has announced it has been granted approval from the Louisiana Department of Health to launch its healthcare network, The SOAR Health Network. The SOAR Health Network will provide accessible, high-quality, and culturally responsive behavioral health services and support to youth ages 3-17.  "It has been a long process. The SOAR Health Network has been a work in progress since the end of 2019. Then COVID-19 placed additional restraints and delays that extended this process," stated Re//DEFINED's CEO, Curtis Lewis. "However, we remained committed to the vision of creating an equitable and culturally responsive healthcare network that will provide top-tier services and support to our youth. I thank the Lord for trusting us with such a vision and providing every step of the way. Now, we are on a mission to rebuild our next generation of youth." Re//DEFINED will begin advertising and accepting applications from potential service providers to join The SOA

The Re//DEFINED Exchange Names New Coordinator, Serves 185 in January

  The Re//DEFINED Exchange is open Monday to Friday 11am-12:30pm Alexandria Mall Re//DEFINED's community pantry, The Re//DEFINED Exchange, has a new leader. Ms. Vera Clayton, U.S. Air Force veteran, was named the coordinator of The Re//DEFINED Exchange. In this role, Ms. Clayton will be responsible for the day to day operations of The Re//DEFINED Exchange to include inventory and distribution. "2020 was a tough year for everyone and we experienced a tremendous increase in usage last month [December]. As we expected, that momentum carried over." stated CEO, Curtis Lewis, "Usage volume will continue to increase over the next 18 months. Bringing on Ms. Clayton increases efficiency with distributions and accessibility to our physical location. Now, individuals can utilize our pantry 5 days a week instead of one." The Re//DEFINED Exchange served 185 individuals January 2021 to include 40 individuals utilizing services at our physical location. Unlike the Salvation Ar

Re//DEFINED Releases its FY 2020 Annual Report, Highlights Record Year

  FY 2020 Annual Report The Chairman’s Commentary In 2020, we witnessed at least black person killed by the police nearly every week in 2020. Just in the first 8 months, more than 160 black men and women were murdered at the hands of the police. And these are only the known cases. For African-Americans, the year 2020 mirrored the year 1920, when African-Americans were slaughtered by the legally bloody hands of police officers and hatred-driven “patriots”. The current climate of America promotes and rewards chauvinistic and bigoted action, exacerbating the lives of black and brown people. No knock warrants. Falsely accused for stealing an iPhone. No criminal charges. “8:46”. Hate is no longer being hidden behind closed doors; it is on full display in 8K resolution.  THIS CAN NOT CONTINUE! My heart cries out for peace. I have no further words. Curtis “C. Ray” Lewis, M.Ed. Chairman/CEO, Re//DEFINED “Built on SERVANTHOOD” Re//DEFINED’s 2020 Highlights As with tens of thousands

Re//DEFINED Receives Funding From The Rapides Foundation's Hurricane Relief Fund

  In late August, Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Laura and then, just 6 weeks later, Hurricane Delta slammed the southwestern coast again and made its path through Central Louisiana.  Hundreds of organizations across Louisiana sprung in to action to provide relief efforts to the tens of thousands Louisianans affected by the storm. Re//DEFINED partnered with St. Paul Baptist Church in Kinder, LA to aid with procuring food, clothing, and other resources for residents of southwest Louisiana and southeastern Texas. "Pastor Talbert, who I also serve along side [in the military] showed us the initial damage caused by Hurricane Laura. Hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed and thousands of residents were displaced. Many are still recovering ahead of this holiday season," stated Chairman Curtis, "This great Re//DEFINED team quickly approved all necessary actions to send relief. I am grateful for the SERVANTHOOD role we play." Locally, Re//DEFINED was able to

Re//DEFINED Secures Funds to Launch New Health Network; Names Leadership

SOAR Health Network will provide accessible, high quality, and culturally-responsive behavioral health services and support to youth in Central Louisiana. Re//DEFINED announced that it has secured funds to launch its new healthcare network, The SOAR Health Network. The SOAR Health Network will specialize in behavioral health services and support for youth up to age 21. "What an accomplishment this is; more importantly, what a victory this is for our local communities and our youth," stated Chairman Curtis Lewis, "We can now begin creating the infrastructure needed to directly, appropriately, and aggressively address the needs of our young people". SOAR Health Network will offer an array of services to address the "5 Key Areas of Empowerment": Academics  Physical Health Behavioral and Emotional Stability  Family  Community Integration  "Research shows that addressing these 5 Key Areas of Empowerment simultaneously will begin to improve the stability of

Re//DEFINED Exchange Sets New Monthly Impact Record; Surpasses 900 Impacted

  The Re//DEFINED Exchange is a community pantry that provides basic necessities to individuals and families in need. Re//DEFINED opened the 4th and final quarter of 2020 in record breaking fashion. For the month of October, The Re//DEFINED Exchange impacted a single month's best of 271 individuals! The previous record of 235 was set in July of this year. "Not only were we able to increase the number of individuals and families impacted, we were also able to increase the number of items distributed per person. A recent report by the UnitedWay Louisiana showed that nearly half of the families in Rapides Parish struggle to acquire basic needs; but unlike the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and other thrift stores, the services of the Re//DEFINED Exchange are at no charge to individuals and families. Our collect-ship-impact model has become sustainable thanks to great sponsors and supporters. This allows us to make the most direct and immediate impact on the residents of Central Lo

Re//DEFINED's Accepting Applications for FY21 Board of Directors

  Re//DEFINED is now accepting applications to fill a vacancy on its nonprofit board of directors, The Re//DEFINED Project. The Re//DEFINED Project is a 501(c)(3) community development corporation that governs Re//DEFINED's nonprofit activities to include: The Re//DEFINED Exchange TR//P Partners Program Workforce Re//DEFINED (2021) Under the direction of Re//DEFINED's CEO, the board will: -act responsibly, lawfully, ethically, and in the best interest of Re//DEFINED while engaging in the board member capacity. -abide by local, state, and federal laws and Re//DEFINED Bylaws. -disclose any and all possible conflict of interests. -actively in engage in board activities (Typically twice a month). -select and evaluate Executive Director. We are seeking board members who have the ability to: -serve and advance the communities of Central Louisiana with compassion and love. -analyze and evaluate policy and data. -generate innovate ideas and gather stakeholders' support. -raise fund

Re//DEFINED Releases Q3 Report; Overview for Q4

Q4 is off to a remarkable start for Re//DEFINED! We have began to assess our 2020 performance; plan our programming for the last quarter of 2020; and outline our strategic framework for 2021. As with every business across the country, Re//DEFINED also faced the challenge of navigating operations during the height of COVID-19 and moved to reduce operations significantly throughout the end of the Second Quarter. "Funding restraints were at its highest in our three years of operations", stated Chairman Curtis Lewis, "because other organizations were minimally operating, or not operating at all due to the Governor's [of Louisiana] Executive Order, we had to absorb those low blows as well. We were required to completely shutdown our pantry placing a huge damper on our programming, notably, our ability to serve while continuing to cover operational expenses. We are grateful for endurance during tough times as this, but other organizations were not as fortunate. Our thought

Awakening the Voices of the Unheard: Vice Chairwoman Launches New Venture

Click to Visit K. Lewis Whispers Merch Chairwoman Kendra Lewis debuts her new Christian apparel line under her signature brand, K. Lewis, Whispers.  Earlier this year, the ministry leader and former school Teacher of the Year, released her second book project, the acclaimed devotional, “Committee to Consistency: A 21 Day Challenge and Devotional”.  “God’s Grace that is extended to us, each moment of each day, is Tailor Made to our individual needs. This apparel line is a reminder of the sufficiency of God’s love and grace”.  Weekly, the Chairlady shares her Whispers of Wisdom to inspire viewers and readers to live a God-ordained and purpose-filled lives.  To learn more about K. Lewis Whispers or to purchase a book, please go to

Re//DEFINED Awarded COVID-19 Recovery Grant

  The Louisiana Healthcare Connections announced Re//DEFINED as a recipient of the COVID-19 Recovery Grant. Re//DEFINED was awarded the Louisiana Healthcare Connections COVID-19 Recovery Grant to continue investing in underserved communities in Central Louisiana. The grant will be utilized to expand the operations of the community pantry, The Re//DEFINED Exchange, and to fund the launch of SOAR Health Network to provide high quality, culturally responsive, and accessible behavioral health services and support to Central Louisiana.  "Our hearts' passion is to meet the needs of our community. Through our service and compassion, we will ultimately become the change that we desire to see," stated Vice Chairlady and owner of K. Lewis, Whispers, LLC Kendra Lewis. In 2019, the Re//DEFINED Exchange served 1,132 individuals and families with a 2020 goal to service 2,000 individuals. The Re//DEFINED Exchange is located in the Alexandria Mall is open Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00 am


Est. 2017 Re//DEFINED is a social enterprise that starts up and invests in community development and educational ventures.  Re//DEFINED engages in strategic partnerships and co-op opportunities to procure resources to invests in  Central Louisiana’s underserved communities.  Re//DEFINED's PORTFOLIO  Re//DEFINED Operations, LLC  manages the portfolio, the operations, and strategic partnerships of Re//DEFINED.  The Re//DEFINED Project  is a community development corporation that invests in affordable housing, education, and economic stability. The Re//DEFINED Exchange  a community pantry that provides basic necessities to high-need individuals.               2018: 200 individuals served.               2019: 1,132 individuals served. TR//P Partners is the strategic partnership program that supports the missions of educational and community based organizations.                  2019: $10,219 invested.  COMING FALL 2020 SOAR Health Network, LLC  is   a community-based health  network th

The Re//DEFINED Exchange serves families in Central Louisiana

PINEVILLE, LA Launched in 2018, the Re//DEFINED Exchange is a community pantry that provides basic necessities to individuals and families in need. Due to matching contributions from sponsors, services are utilized at no expense.  Through a unique, collect-ship-impact model, items are collected throughout the month and distributed to the “network”. This “network” consists of local agencies and organizations that service disadvantaged residents to ensure the greatest impact.  THE RESULTS In 2018, the Exchange served 200 individuals and families. In 2019, the Exchange had its record setting year, serving 1,132 individuals and families. YEAR TO DATE In 2020, the Exchange has served 567 individuals and families including a single month’s best of 234. The Exchange has also committed $1,000 to Hurricane Laura relief efforts. Interested in becoming a sponsor or joining the network?  Email Collect. Ship. Impact.

Chairman Named to Fostering Community Board of Directors

PINEVILLE, LA Chairman Curtis Lewis has been named to the Board of Directors of Fostering Community.  Foster Community’s mission is to improve the lives of children impacted by foster care through advocacy, resources, and support. It’s programming; the My Community Cares Initiative, The Foster Closet, and the CenLa Foster Parent Support Group, creates opportunities to support and empower children in foster care throughout Central Louisiana.  To learn how to get involved, go to